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Travel Booster Web Widget now available

December 11, 2012

Customers can promote specific products, run campaigns and cooperate with partners’ sites easily, quickly and with minimum investment.

Galor Systems, the developer of Travel Booster, the leading web-based travel management system, today announced the availability of the Travel Booster Web Widget.

The Widget allows the extension of Travel Booster services to third party websites, including white labels and affiliates. By embedding the Widget in partnering sites, Travel Booster users can tighten cooperation with their affiliates, present website visitors with relevant and appealing online offerings, and dramatically improve click-through rates; all with close to zero investment in programming.  They can also choose to promote specific campaigns, including particular destinations, packages and attractions, via third party sites, social media sites, corporate customer’s sites or even within their own sites (promoting specific landing pages), using the Widgets.

A widget is a stand-alone application that can be easily embedded into third party websites and link back to the original site (e.g. a webpage, a certain landing page per product or campaign, blog, or profile on a social media site). In the past, if chunks of code linking one site to another needed to be integrated, a great deal of implementation resources were required. With the Widget, creating the relevant codes and embedding them onto the right sites can be done quickly with minimum investment of resources by all parties.

"In today’s market environment, online traffic is a major factor in the success of the travel businesses,” said Orly Livnoni, CEO of Galor. “Providing our customers with the right tools to encourage high-quality traffic to their websites and support their business goals is at the top of our priorities. The Widget accommodates these needs perfectly. It already has been successfully implemented by several of Travel Booster’s major customers and is being further developed for the use of additional customers.”


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