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Exclusive PNR synchronization between Sabre and Travel Booster

Utilizing this unique synchronization, the consultant/agent can better focus on the point-of-sale while the back- and mid-office systems are being automatically updated with relevant information.

Tel Aviv, Israel – August 21, 2014 – Galor, the developer of Travel Booster, the leading web-based travel management system, presents an exclusive synchronization with Sabre utilizing Sabre’s Event Notification Service (ENS).

Through the tight integration between Travel Booster and Sabre’s APIs, and the application of the ENS model, ENS automatically sends Travel Booster notifications about changes that have taken place in the PNR.  This integration eliminates the need for mid-office robotic polling. Among the events that are currently powered by Travel Booster: the creation of the PNR, adding flights/passengers, updating the itinerary, schedule changes, pricing, ticketing, reissuing, refunds, cancelations and voids.

The agent can better focus on the point-of-sale tasks (GDS) and maintain his work procedures while the detailed travel file in the back- and mid-office system is being automatically and instantly updated, without human intervention.

As all activities are seamlessly registered in Travel Booster’s travel file, manual work, human mistakes and redundancies are minimized while customer service is enhanced.

Elitzour Livnoni, the Travel Booster System Architect, commented: “First, the synchronization between Sabre’s ENS and Travel Booster supports the agents’ focus on what matters most to their core business. It allows the agents and the call center staff to continue working on the Sabre GDS and expedite their customer services, knowing that the back-and mid-office systems are synchronized and up-to-date. Second, it provides management with a complete view of all activities involved in each trip and the related workload. As conversion reports are easily made available, different fully-automated commercial models can be adopted.”

Guy Cohen, Regional Director for Israel, Cyprus and Eastern Europe at Sabre Travel Network, commented: “This unique solution, implemented by Travel Booster, increases the efficiency of our mutual customers, allowing them to focus on sales and revenue generating tasks. Customers have been enjoying this tight integration between Sabre and Travel Booster, and have reported high levels of satisfaction while commenting on how it has dramatically improved their workflow.”

About ENS:
Event Notification Services (ENS) are an optional set of services offered as part of the APIs product offering. ENS allows customers to subscribe to certain events about specific travel information published through our publish/subscribe infrastructure over the internet.  Sabre then pushes the information change as it occurs to the customer.  ENS is based on an industry standard, Web Services Eventing, or WS-Eventing. The model for ENS is:  "Don't worry about calling us; we'll call you." As changes are detected to travel information for which you have a subscription, the ENS will automatically send the subscribing customer a notification about the change to the subscription topic.  ENS substantially reduces the need for mid-office robotic polling.

About Sabre Travel Network:
Travel Network is Sabre’s global business-to-business travel marketplace. It consists primarily of Sabre’s global distribution system (GDS) and a broad set of solutions that integrate with the GDS. This marketplace is used by travel suppliers including approximately 400 airlines, 125,000 hotel properties, 200 tour operators, 50 rail carriers, 27 car rental outlets and 16 cruise lines to promote, personalize and sell their products to travel management companies, corporate travel departments and approximately 400,000 travel agents, around the word. The marketplace includes a mobile-enabled platform for travel buyers to shop, price, book and pay for travel. In addition, Sabre® provides data-rich solutions that give travel buyers and suppliers unique insights into their operations as well as customer shopping and booking trends.


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